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Roots of the World Blog January 2013

RootsoftheWorld Blog January 2013 and early February 2013
Published 6th January 2013
Happy New Year to You Reader and Fellow Musical Traveller and Explorer!
Welcome to the blog that loves world, roots and folk music and helps you enjoy it wherever you are! Hello also to the blog that supports Northeast England world, roots and folk music venues!  Welcome to the blog that supports Northeast England Roots Music artists!
Why…..?  Because everyone on the world, roots and folk scene together can make a stronger scene and so that we can all find out what’s happening locally cos’ there’s loads going on!
And if you aren’t lucky enough to live in our brilliant region (being totally unbiased you’ll understand!)  why not come and stay and take in a gig or two!
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Playlist for January 2013
Gareth Davies-Jones/The Coal Trade/North by East/
Petunia and the Vipers/Mercy/Petunia and  the Vipers/
Frigg/Bo!/Polka V/
Malaye Warr & Manding Sabu/Afrika/Malaye Warr/
Mulele Matondo Afrika/Onici/Prophecy/
Sara Watkins/Impossible/Sun Midnight Sun/
Mavrika/The Waitress/Mavrika/
Las Malas Amistadas/Mala Suerte/ Maleza/
Murat Coskun/Frames and Drums/Frames and Drums/
La Caravane Passe/Rom A Babylone/Gypsy for One Day
Mary Jane Lamond and Wendy MacIsaac/Oran an t-Saighdeir/Seinn/
Gareth Davies-Jones/Come What May/North by East/
Pilgrim’s Way/ A Pilgrim’s Way/Wayside Courtesies/
Gareth Davies-Jones/Rover of the Sea/North by East/
The Roots of the World Shopping Basket January 2013
Recommended purveyor of CDs : Coda Music, Edinburgh
Most of the above music can be purchased from and listened to first, at specialist Roots music retailer Coda Music. They have helpful , knowledgeable and friendly staff! Many of the CDs featured on this podcast are purchased from Coda.
Walk in, browse, smell, see, hear, talk, touch, buy, take away in your hands!
12, Bank Street,
On The Mound,
Anyway…now the purchases!
Gareth Davies-Jones  and Calum Stewart: “North by East”
Gareth and Calum are both graduates of the Newcastle University folk degree. Gareth, born in Bangor, Northern Ireland, Calum in Elgin combine these backgrounds to produce all the history, culture and influences that go into this wonderful album which is now some months old. In fact, Gareth has been a busy lad since releasing “Nine Lessons” for Christmas (also recommended). The soft tones of Calum’s flute, the deep vocal of Gareth combined with a lovely Northern Irish quality to his voice and beautiful playing of his guitar do full justice to the works within “North by East”. The podcast highlights three of the tracks , the touching instrumental, Come What May; the driving pulsation of “The Coal Trade” with it’s references to the Northeast’s industrial heritage; and then “Rover of the Sea”, a beautiful touching romantic song between the fisherman and his wife to be. The other content is as strong and varied.  Recommended.
Try before you buy: On this month’s podcast and at:
Jally Kebba Susso & Manding Sabu:Malaye Warr
London based Gambian kora player Jally Kebba Susso comes from an ancient family of griots. These are storytellers , historians and musicians who se their artto retain and pass on knowledge, stories and history in Jally’s case back to the 13th Century. Manding Sabu, his band produce a high quality selection of tunes involving beautiful tight kora playing, some excellent percussion, some great dance floor rhythms as well as some mellower tunes. A varied high quality set from this London based Gambian and his associates.
Las Malas Amistadas: Maleza
For me this was an example of how it pays to explore labels and their catalogues for discoveries.. This album from a Colombian group of musicians/visual artists is a not overly slick but beautifully delivered raw set of  “28 short, quiet, lived-in songs” which are very human. The  tender songs and sweet melodies are naturally delivered in Spanish Their label Honest Jon’s describe the set as :”they make their living-room folk with acoustic guitars, voices, melodica and a bit of cheap electronics. The buzzes and discrepancies between phrases and rhythms are clear; you’re aware of the home-studio room sound, and, in one track, rain falling on the roof”. I loved it and I hope you will too.
Murat Coskun:Frames and Drums
German born Turk Murat Coskun is a renowned percussionist of which the frame drum is his central instrument. Here, joined by musical colleagues, his first solo album , really allows this instrument sometimes alone sometimes with percussion to not only knock out some fantastic rhythms but to become part of multi-layered compositions that are layered with multiple percussive instruments. These provide a toe tapping , head nodding, rhythmic and sensual feast drawing not only from the near East but from a variety of world cultures. Great stuff!
Try before you buy: Murat Coskun – Frames & Drums
The Unthanks:Songs of the Shipyards
This album is probably known to most of the folk who are likely to read this but just in case…
Sisters Becky and Rachel Unthank with their band including Adrian McNally on piano  have crafted an experience of an album that was voted Observer Music Magazine Top 50 Albums of the Year 2012(number 17).The music draws on the folksong book of the shipbuilding industry and was created to accompany a film of the same name as the album. The instrumental arrangements,  the highly evocative, ethereal and spine tingling atmospheric vocals  of the Unthanks combined with the odd bit of industrial historical sounds such as a chuggy boat, and beautiful prose from Graeme Miles, make this a wonderful memoir of an industry which is in the DNA of the Northeast –as Gareth Davies-Jones has also illustrated this month. We could do with the jobs it provided back right now!
Northeast England January 2013/early February 2013 Gig Guide
There’s a gig planner below where hopefully all the venues in the Northeast will eventually be included..
 If you want your gigs to be included please e mail me with all the relevant details including any weblinks a few MP3 tracks of what you will be playing or a CD would also be useful. So that I can give them some airplay on the Podcast/on  NE1Fm show/DJ night hope subject to what’s going on that month.
I’ve picked out concerts/gigs that have particularly caught my eye and added some info which may help you make to decide on your musical soiree.
Abbreviation on gig guide
Newcastle upon Tyne venues
Cluny, Cluny2
Live Theatre, Newcastle
Bridge Folk Club, Newcastle
Cumberland Arms
King’s Hall, Newcastle University
Gateshead venues
Newcastle/Gateshead Promoter
Jumping and Hot Club 
North Tyneside Venues
Whitley Bay Playhouse
South Tyneside Venues
South Shields Folk Club
Customs House, South Shields
Sunderland Venues
Davy Lamp Folk Club, Washington Arts Centre
County Durham Venues
Darlington Folk Club
 Gala, Durham City
Town Hall, Bishop Auckland
Highlights Rural Touring Scheme
Specific venue given in gig guide then reference back to website for more info
Northumberland Venues
Maltings, Berwick 
Queen’s Hall, Hexham 
Alnwick Playhouse
Bellingham All Acoustic Club
Cramlington Folk Club
Rothbury Roots
The Hearth, Horsley
Highlights Rural Touring Scheme
Specific venue given in gig guide then reference back to website for more info
Cleveland Venues
The ARC, Stockton
January 2013
DL: The Mighty Doonans
DL: Jed Grimes and Bob Thomas
Jez Lowe Solo, Westoe Club South Shields
DL: Tom McConville Band
SG: Bryony Griffith, Sam Sweeney, Ed Boyd and Jo Freya
Jez Lowe Solo:

New Hartley Village Hall New
Hartley Northumberland St Michaels Avenue NE25 0RP
 0789 4428401

JHC @ CL2  Petunia and the Vipers  and the Honey Bop Trio
SG:Fran Smith, Matt Stalker and Fables, Tom Browne
BAA:Roddy Matthews & Cuddystone, Tarset Village Hall, Lanehead
JHC@ Caedmon Hall, Gateshead: JD MacPherson and Band/Sean Rowe (Sold Out)
SG: Judy Dinning
SG: Sara Watkins
CA: Thurston Moore and Michael Chapman (Sold Out)
JHC @ LT: The Old Tire Swingers/The Kentucky Cowtippers
JHC @CL2: The East Park Reggae Collective
RR: Adrian Nation and Holy Moly and the Crackers
Folklines, Middlesbrough: Bridie Jackson and the Arbour
Early February 2012
Bede’s World, Jarrow: Bridie Jackson and the Arbour
SG: The Lost Brothers
JHC @CL2: John Murry and Stephen Brown
DL: Pilgrim’s Way
The Watchtower, Berwick: Bridie Jackson and the Arbour
JHC @CL2: Otis Gibbs and Serious Sam Barratt
SG: Frigg
SG: Transatlantic Sessions
5 Gigs to go to (amongst many…)
Anyway here’s my choice of 5 gigs to go to this month, with some info to help you make your choices. But this is just my personal choice,  the links to venues above, and  listening to artists on the web may make you agree or choose otherwise. Anyway whatever you choose….enjoy!
Petunia and the Vipers
Jumping and Hot Club at Cluny 2, Newcastle, Thursday,24th January  Petunia and the Vipers  and the Honey Bop Trio (support)
Eclectic Canadian combo present a highly individual and adept roots music mash…unforgettable sound!  I was in a sweat when I thought I was going would be away when these folks rolled into Toon!
Try before you go:
Sage, Gateshead, Sunday, 3rd February
Norwegian Finnish folk group producing their brew of bluegrass and Nordic folk which they refer to as "Nordgrass". Part of the “Making Tracks” World Music series. A dynamic steely folk wall of sound. Check out below to see what I mean!
Sara Watkins
Sage, Gateshead, Sunday 27th January
Wikipedia says ( ): “Sara Ullrika Watkins .. is an American singer-songwriter and fiddler. Watkins debuted in 1989 as the fiddler of the progressive bluegrass group Nickel Creek, which consisted of herself, her elder brother Sean, and mandolinist Chris Thile. As a band, they are notable for three wide-released albums: Nickel Creek, This Side, and Why Should the Fire Die?. Aside from singing and fiddling, Watkins also plays the ukulele and the guitar, and also played percussion while touring with The Decemberists.”  Well, Sara’s sultry vocals and her musical pedigree just say gooooo to this!
Try before you go: 
Pilgrim’s Way

Davy Lamp Folk Club, Washington, Saturday, 2nd February
Excellent young traditional folk trio. Mike Harding said of their debut album “Wayside Courtesies”: " I love the sparse but effective instrumentation and the Jews harp is so unusual". It will be a good night at the reliably consistent Davy Lamp club.
Try before you go:
Holy Moly and the Crackers
Rothbury Roots, Queen’s Head Hotel, Rothbury,Thursday 31st January
Alan Harrison, local “Jumping and Hot Club “ man and regular reviewer on  roots music website “No Depression” gave high praise indeed to  this group:  “Holy Moly and the Crackers are a young quartet from the Bohemian Quarter of Newcastle and remind me of the early days of the Waterboys, Pogues and The Men They Couldn’t Hang and they have all the qualities to be as big as all of them.” .Sounds good enough reason to go! They are supporting singer-songwriter Adrian Nation who counts Bruce Cockburn, Canadian Roots artist amongst his influences. This will be a good night!
Try before you go:
NE1 Fm
This is a community based radio station broadcasting on 102.5fm in Newcastle/Gateshead and to the world on the internet at:
Roots Music features on NE1 Fm!
Occasional “RootsoftheWorld” show from me. It tends to be on  Monday am  (GMT) between 10am and 12. Look out on Twitter for alerts.
Current programming (accurate as of November 23rd 2012) includes (based on NE1 Fm’s descriptions):
Mondays 11PM-1AM – Vintage Swing Show
“Two hours of swing, blues and jazz from the 1920s, 1930s and 1940s with Richard Owen.”
Sunday 11PM-1AM – Jumping Hot Club
Alan Harrison presents an eclectic mix of ‘rootsy’ music, with both local and international acts, interviews and more.
5-7PM – NE1 Irish
Jim Bennett, Fiona Clelland and Tommy McClements host a weekly magazine featuring chat, interviews and live music for the Irish community of Newcastle and Gateshead.NE1 Irish is a magazine-style programme catering for the Irish community of Newcastle upon Tyne and Gateshead, and is live every Wednesday from 5 til 7PM.
RootsoftheWorld/Newcastle Roots Music Radio contacts
OR  go the I Tunes Store/Podcasts and search for Newcastle Roots Music Radio and subscribe (free!)
How you can help Newcastle Roots Music Radio/RootsoftheWorld-
Usual stuff: listen to podcast and recommend to others by e mail /Twitter etc., follow me on Twitter and retweet my tweets particularly the podcast/blog links, “like” on my Facebook page , recommend me to others, put a poster up.
Local Artists: If you feel you fit the brief of this blog and associated podcast please get in touch. It would help if you could send some of your music for me to have a listen to, ideally on CD, and dates of any upcoming gigs in the region, weblinks etc. Use the contact details above. I look forward to hearing from you.
And finally: RootsoftheWorld wishes you a happy month musically and otherwise! Be careful. And be nice. Bye for now! J Oh and Happy New Year once again!
Next edition of Newcastle Roots Music Radio out February 6th 2013. I would prefer to get podcasts out on the 1st of the month, except when real life barges it into being a bit later as this is a one human operation, not a multinational behemoth and I have a non-musical day job…so bear with me!
Next month’s featured N.E. artists will be Bridie Jackson and the Arbour who have a new single out on February the 11th! Go see them in the meantime if you can!

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