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Roots of the World Blog March and early April 2013

RootsoftheWorld Blog March 2013 and early April 2013

Published March 2013
Welcome! Reader, Fellow Musical Traveller and Explorer!
Welcome to the blog that loves world, roots and folk music and helps you enjoy it wherever you are! Hello also to the blog that supports Northeast England world, roots and folk music venues! Welcome to the blog that supports Northeast England Roots Music artists!

At the top of the blog is the video for Amy Duncan's single "Navigating". You can hear another track from her album "The Cycles of Life" in the podcast Newcastle Roots Music Radio March 2013 that accompanies this blog.
Why…..? Because everyone on the world, roots and folk scene together can make a stronger scene and so that we can all find out what’s happening locally cos’ there’s loads going on!
And if you aren’t lucky enough to live in our brilliant region (being totally unbiased you’ll understand!) why not come and stay and take in a gig or two!
Newcastle Roots Music Radio March 2013-
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 This month’s Newcastle Roots Music Radio Features N.E. Artists of the Month
Bob Fox, Jez Lowe, Billy Mitchell and Benny Goodman 
 in the “Pitmen Poets” at dates in March and early April at the Customs, House, South Shields; Whitley Bay Playhouse; and Alnwick Playhouse
Songs, Photos and more about the Coal Mining Lives, Culture, History and Traditions of NE England Mining Communities.

Newcastle Roots Music Radio:  Licensed by the PRS, License Number LE-0006074.
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The Playlist for Newcastle Roots Music Radio March 2013
Artist/Track/Album/Weblink/Approximate end time in podcast of track
Bob Fox and Billy Graham/ The Old Miner /How Are You Off For Coals/
Bob Fox and Billy Graham/Have a Game For the Crack/The Old Miner /How Are You Off For Coals/
Megson/ Working Town//The Longshot/ 9.27
Landermason// Me, Him and The Can Crusher/ /11.47

Trio Gitan/Modavian Cafe /Moldavian Café/

Jewdysee/Cabaret/5773/ /20.17

Bomba Estereo /Bailar Comingo/ Elegancia Tropical/

Anais Mitchell and Jefferson Harmer/Child ballads/ Geordie (Child 209)/

Porchlight Smoker/Steve’s  Jacket/Porchlight Smoker 2/!__pls-2 / 31.15
Rita Hosking/Back to Me/Are You Ready/ /34.08
Coal Porters/It Happened to Me/Los London/ 37.02
Amy Duncan/Cycles of Life/cycles of life/ / 42.03
Fran Smith/Take These Bones/ Fran Smith/ 45.15
Brook Williams/61 Highway/The Time I Spend/ /49.09
The Hut People/ One for Lilly/ Picnic/ / 55.06
Amaan Ali Khan and Alaan Ali Khan/Desert Dance/Call of the Desert/ 58.39
Mulele Matondo Afrika and Friends /Mali La Paix/
Link for Mulele Matondo Afrika interview/
Jez Lowe/Cursed Be The Caller/Northern Echoes Live on the Tyne/
Roots of the World World, Folk , Roots Shopping Basket
Recommended purveyor of CDs : Coda Music, Edinburgh
Most of the above music can be purchased from and listened to first, at specialist Roots music retailer Coda Music. They have helpful , knowledgeable and friendly staff! Many of the CDs featured on this podcast are purchased from Coda. Note: Coda Music do not make any financial contribution towards this podcast and this is my own view, given freely.

Walk in, browse, smell, see, hear, talk, touch, buy, take away in your hands!:
12, Bank Street,
On The Mound,
Anyway…now the albums that I really like!
4 Cds you might want to consider buying or at least checking out given the beneficial effect music has on mind, body and spirit!

Jewdysee “5773”
I heard this first on World Beat Canada Radio which I recommend you check out. Jewdsyee, are a band, based in Berlin, who sing in Yiddish. They are fronted by Maya Saban, kead singer. Tracks from this album really bent my ear with an innovative combination of electronic beats , irresistible rhythms, and the voice of Maya which I found at times exotic as in the beginning of the opening track “Adon Olam”,  a real call to party, being supported by Balkan beats and trumpet in “Beltz, Mayn Shtetele, and beguilingly theatrical in “Cabaret”. There’s real depth to this album amidst the dance tracks which are far from shallow themselves! The first track “Adon Olam” is a traditional prayer sung to God and other world influences are blended in including in a very near Eastern feel  in “Tumbalalika”. I loved this album, it’s overall uniqueness along with sheer poetry of Yiddish and the innovative electronic dance beats really have me hooked.
More info at :
Amy Duncan:  cycles of life
Amy is a Scottish based singer songwriter as well as a classically trained double bassist. Linn Records, the label whom Amy has recently signed to really helped me out! I was trying to put into words her voice and my lack of an internal Thesaurus means I can’t do any better than Linn who describe her vocals perfectly as “delicate” and “rich” .This appealing blend of characteristics had me hooked from falling under the spell of Amy’s voice having watched the video of the current single “Navigating” , which you can play below, through to the opening track on the album which caught me completely off guard as I was listening to it whilst doing mundane chores at home!  The track, which begins with gorgeous acoustic guitar finger picking, supported by atmospheric strings, then utterly overwhelmed me as Amy’s voice felt so “rich” that it was as if I was being pulled into her world. Powerful stuff. This feeling never went away throughout the whole of this beautifully arranged album which is complimented by a booklet of the lyrics which speak of Amy’s experiences, thoughts, and views in an honest, beautiful manner with great clarity. This is a journey through Amy’s world which I think you should join her on.
Amy Duncan Video for the single “Navigating” can be found at the top of this blog.  

Landermason: Me, Him and the Can Crusher
Landermason are a folk duo, comprised of Fiona Lander and Paul Mason, collectively known as 'Landermason' .Multi instrumentalist Fiona (vocals, piano, whistles, saxes, clarinet and recorder) and Paul (guitars and vocals) “have developed a unique sound which displays their undoubted talents” according to their website, which by the way has the most stylish front page!  This their latest album beautifully illustrates what a diverse range of musical compositions they create. It’s folk, it’s spiced up with jazz, sometimes a sax pops up when you least expect it but it never seems intrusive. There are killer catchy tunes, some novel topics for song writing including re-use of old wood rather than  (felling) new, as well as a the bluesy/folk-rocky  song inspiring the album  title “Can Crusher”. As an album, it’s constantly giving you something different and appealing and in one case sometimes deeply painful, the beautifully crafted “They never knew”, drawn on personal experience of the June 2010 Cumbria shootings. Get yourself a musical chunk of the North Tyne valley with this album or catch them touring with it or both!
More information:
Porchlight Smoker: Porchlight Smoker 2
Porchlight Smoker are a Sussex based country and bluegrass band who caught my ear when listening to Bob Harris’ Thursday night country programme on radio 2. This is an album of songs/tunes which are composed by band members or great names such as Haggard or Dylan.  They maybe from Sussex but I wouldn’t have known! It is a beautifully balanced album with variety in tempos, the overall feel of songs and although it’s very definitely bluegrass it is never repetitive or samey. Favourite tracks for me include a bluegrass version of the Sea Shanty “Haul Away Joe” and the finger clickingly good “Old Bray Road” including a nice bit of Jew’s Harp accompaniment. Maybe the Sussex Downs are  the new Bluegrass Mountains!

Northeast England March 2013/early April 2013 Gig Guide
There’s a gig venue directory  below where hopefully all the venues in the Northeast will eventually be included. If I have missed you let me know.
If you want your gigs to be included please e mail me with all the relevant details including any weblinks a few MP3 tracks of what you will be playing or a CD would also be useful. So that I can give them some airplay on the Podcast/On my occasional NE1Fm show/DJ night hope subject to what’s going on that month.

Newcastle upon Tyne venues
Cluny, Cluny2
Live Theatre, Newcastle
Bridge Folk Club, Newcastle
Cumberland Arms
King’s Hall, Newcastle University
Brewdog, Newcastle
Hoochie Coochie, Newcastle
Gateshead venues
CentralBar, Gateshead
Newcastle/Gateshead Promoter
Jumping and Hot Club
North Tyneside Venues
Whitley Bay Playhouse
South Tyneside Venues
South Shields Folk Club
Customs House, South Shields
Sunderland Venues
Davy Lamp Folk Club, Washington Arts Centre
County Durham Venues
Darlington Folk Club
Gala, Durham City
Old Cinema Launderette, Durham
Town Hall, Bishop Auckland
Highlights Rural Touring Scheme
Northumberland Venues
Maltings, Berwick
Queen’s Hall, Hexham
Alnwick Playhouse
Hear No Evil, Alnwick
Bellingham All Acoustic Club
Cramlington Folk Club
Rothbury Roots
The Hearth, Horsley
Highlights Rural Touring Scheme
St Cuthbert’s House, Seahouses
Cleveland Venues
The ARC, Stockton

And now for the new improved gig guide with gig info and video!

Northeast Folk, Roots, and World Gig Guide, March 2012

Venue/All descriptions given in quotes are taken directly from venues’ websites/artists/or their record companies, unless otherwise stated and intended as a guide to the delights that lie within, depending on your tastes! If I just give the date/venue only please go to the weblink for the appropriate venue above, for more information. Please mention this blog if booking by telephone/in person even if you get a blank look! Thank you!
Saturday March 2nd
St. Cuthbert’s House, Seahouses (Organised by Northumberland): Reg Neuross

Davy Lamp Folk Club, Washington Arts Centre, 7.30pm: Julie Felix

Queen’s Hall, Hexham: Landermason +Horizontal Sunday:
“To celebrate the launch of their brand new album, Fiona Lander (piano, vocals, whistles, clarinet, saxophones) and Paul Mason (guitars, vocals, ukulele) will be joined by folk trio Horizontal Sunday and a specially formed youth choir to showcase a selection of tracks from their new release.”

Sunday March 3rd
Brewdog, Newcastle: Bridie Jackson and the Arbour

Featured in last month’s podcast--excellent chamber folk from this Newcastle quartet with their sparse instrumentation and heavenly voices.

Sage, Gateshead: Richard Thompson
“Richard Thompson is one of this country’s greatest songwriters and most distinctive guitar virtuosos, capable of breathtaking drama and sublime delicacy, prompting Rolling Stone to hail him as ‘a perennial dark-horse contender for the title of greatest living rock guitarist‘.””

Sage, Gateshead: Gretchen Peters and Ben Glover
GRAMMY-nominated singer-songwriter Gretchen Peters calls her latest album, ‘Hello Cruel World’, her “most close-to-the-bone work, written at a time when I felt absolutely fearless about telling the truth.”

Peters’ own voice and guitar playing have been at the core of her music since she started performing. Inspired by Paul Simon, Bob Dylan, Joni Mitchell and a new generation of songwriters rising out of Nashville that included Steve Earle, Nanci Griffith and Rodney Crowell, Peters relocated to Music City in the late 1980s.
Ultimately ‘Hello Cruel World’ details the sheer triumph of survival and of finding strength, joy and growth in everyday life despite the challenges of our increasingly complex times. Peters’ warm-honey voice softens the edge of desperation; the earthy maturity of her phrasing injects empathy – a quality that makes all of Peters’ songs ring consistently true.”

Porter’s Coffee House, Tynemouth:  Landermason
South Shields Folk Club: Dave Webber and Anni Fentiman
“Dave and Anni joined forces in 1985, after spending many years around the folk club scene, in which time they featured on several albums made by other performers.
Although Dave and Anni perform substantially at home in the UK they also make at least one trip each year to the United States, where they have an established following and have also performed in Holland, Denmark and Finland.
Anni has developed a specialist repertoire of songs originating from her native North East, and Dave has been writing songs in traditional vein since 1982 many of these are widely sung and have become part of the general song repertoire of singers all over the world.” 

Monday March 4th 
Tuesday March 5th
Wednesday March 6th
Thursday March 7th
Jumping and Hot Club @ :Caedmon Hall, Gateshead: Anais Mitchell and Jefferson Hamer
After rapturous acclaim for her remarkable folk-opera project Hadestown, and 2012's stunning state-of-the-nation album Young Man in America, US singer-songwriter Anaïs Mitchell returns to J’ Hot Club performing her stunning backlog material and also songs from her latest, long-cherished project: The re-interpretation of classic Child ballads with Brooklyn-based collaborator Jefferson Hamer.”

Cumberland Arms, Byker: Sharks Took the Rest, 7.30pm SOLD OUT
Friday March 8th
Cumberland Arms, Byker: Baghdaddies
Newcastle’s best source of Balkan beats!

Saturday March 9th
St. Cuthbert’s House, Seahouses ( Lyon

Davy Lamp Folk Club, Washington Arts Centre, 730pm: Rallion
“Rallion is an energetic and talented band from Scotland, featuring the highly respected Steve Lawrence, with .Marieke McBean and Fiona Cuthill. They've played for us several times now. and its always great to welcome them back”.
BURC, Spittal, Berwick upon Tweed; Highlights  Community Touring Scheme presents Wingin’ It

A fiery, energy fuelled array of acoustic music between Bluegrass, Folk and Pop, their performances are sure to capture the imagination.
Having won a coveted ‘Danny Kyle’ Award at Celtic Connections, the duo have gone on to dazzle audiences ever since. Recently they were commissioned to write 10 minutes of new music to celebrate the life of the renowned piper Gordon Duncan, which was then performed to a sold out   Perth Concert Hall and to critical acclaim.

“These two young men do not just play the guitar (and mandolin) extremely well - they also entertain in a warm style which certainly endeared themselves to their audience, where their wide range of styles included jazz, classics and pop, sometimes all rolled into one.” ..Alison Anderson - Perth Advertiser.”
 Old Cinema Launderette, Durham: Rob Heron and the Tea Pad Orchestra 
Sunday March10th
Sage, Gateshead:Mary Waterson and OliverWaterson + support from the Teacups
“Decisively moving out of the shadow of their mother – folk legend Lal Waterson – with the arrival of last year’s acclaimed debut, ‘The Days That Shaped Me, Marry & Oliver now have their second album, ‘Hidden’.
Differing markedly from the very personally felt themes of their debut, ‘Hidden’ finds brilliant expression through the vivid characters and stories inhabiting its 11 songs. Musically it is a more diverse set than its predecessor with forays into ragtime, music hall – even ska, as well as the more traditional folk styles.”

Jumping and Hot Club @Live Theatre, Newcastle: Rita Hosking and Archie Brown Duo

“From Shasta County, California, Rita Hosking sings original mountain roots music, soulful ballads and old time songs, a kind of cross between the haunting delivery of Gillian Welch and the richness of Iris Dement. Plus local country roots legends Archie Brown & Pat Rafferty play a very rare duo set.”
Monday March 11th
Sage, Gateshead: Robert Cray Band
“Robert Cray returns to the UK, to promote a brand new album ‘Nothin But Love‘, his much anticipated sixteenth studio album.
For thirty-plus years Robert Cray has laid down track after track of good-time, uptown, low-down blues. He’s won five Grammy’s and been nominated for eleven more.”
Tuesday March 12th
Customs House, South Shields: The Pitmen Poets-Bob Fox,Billy Mitchell,Jez Lowe,Benny Graham:
Since the first Pitmen Poets tour in 2011, Sam West's revival of the seminal “Close the Coalhouse Door” has completed a triumphant UK tour and Lee Hall's “Pitman Painters” has been a hit in the West End and also on Broadway. Interest in the North East's mining tradition has never been more intense. What better time could there be for another opportunity to experience the brilliant entertainment of The Pitmen Poets?
The Pitmen Poets celebrate the songs and culture of North East England's Coal Mining tradition, bringing together four of the region's leading champions of it's musical heritage. Ex-Lindisfarne singer and writer Billy Mitchell, renowned singer and instrumentalist Bob Fox, leading exponent of Tyneside song Benny Graham, and much-covered Durham songwriter Jez Lowe - individually and collectively, The Pitmen Poets.”

If you haven't done already check out the YouTube video near the top of the blog!
Wednesday March 13th
Sage, Gateshead: Clannad
Thursday March 14th
Sage, Gateshead:Megson 1.30 and 8pm
Award-winning folk duo Megson blend their infectious mix of heavenly vocals and lush harmonies into a gentle, entertaining concert specially for pre-school children, featuring children’s folk songs old and new from their
‘When I was a Lad’ album. Suitable for under 5s”. Later on Megson will entertain those more mature in years!

Cumberland Arms, Byker: Trio Gitan, support from Rod Sinclair:
“TRIO GITAN will take you on a journey like no other: from mist covered and heavily wooded mountain slopes of rural Eastern Europe, through the buzzing and upbeat Parisien café scene, through the classical music of Brahms and Paganini, to the poignant yearning and wild abandon of Jewish wedding music, this band has it all. Sizzling violin duets that will have you on the edge of your seat if you are not already up and dancing. Crafted improvisations, complex and accomplished, yet full of bubbling life with spontaneous dynamic interplay between violin, guitar, accordion and vocals from these maestro musicians.
Andy, Jack and Paul will keep you amused, intrigued and entertained with stories and banter seamlessly interwoven between songs, weaving a colourful and constantly unwinding tapestry of tight harmonic arrangements, expressive and creative improvisations, and down to earth good fun. Heralded by rave reviews from BBC radio, concert organisers and audience members alike, TRIO GITAN will provide an unforgettable evening of music, show and song.”

Rod Sinclair is described by Andy Lawrenson of Trio Gitan: “
we have an added attraction for that night in that Rod Sinclair, a guitarist with a deservedly huge reputation and standing within the Tyneside music scene, will be supporting us and sharing some numbers with us in the last set. Rod has played with just about everyone of note in the North East over the years, and we are privileged to be working with him”.Doors: 8pm, Tickets: £5
Friday March 15th
Hoochie Coochie, Newcastle: Joe Driscoll and Sekou Kouyate 
“Nomadic soul, Joe Driscoll first met Sekou Kouyate. The two were paired up to collaborate at the French festival ‘Nuit Metis’ (Nights of Mixed Race), and though they shared no common spoken language, they encountered no obstacles communicating through their music. After a few weeks of improvising and jamming, they had found a spiritual and musical bond of kindred spirits.” Sekou is an exponent of that iconic West African instrument the kora.

Gala, Durham: The Coal Porters
“Firmly established on the UK and European touring circuits and possessors of their own sound the Coal Porters are an acoustic act with attitude. Their live show is polished yet passionate and second to none. Check them out soon and get ready for the ride of your life!”

Cumberland Arms, Byker: The Tea Pad presents: Polly and the Billets Doux, 8pm, £5

Sage, Gateshead:Folk Rising: Lizzie Nunnery,Melissa Whitehead & Andy Watt,and Maia

“Returning for a short series, the third of three Folk Rising concerts includes Lizzie Nunnery whose debut album ‘Company of Ghosts’ sealed her reputation as a captivating new voice in British folk.
Melissa Whitehead and Andy Watts from the Scottish Highlands met as students on the Newcastle Folk degree and are gathering acclaim for their original and traditional tunes.
“Eclectic with surprising twists and turns throughout their set, Maia are very good at executing their own brand of whimsical folk. Upbeat and multi-instrumental, they set the right mood in the glade as feet tap and heads turn.” Acoustic Magazine “

BAA Club, Tarset Village Hall, Bellingham, Bellingham, 8pm Megson + The Good Folk:
Three times nominated for BEST DUO in the BBC Radio 2 Folk Awards, Megson are now a household name and frequently sell out venues. They draw heavily on their Teesside heritage to create a unique brand of folk music.”

Cluny, Newcastle: Rachel  Sermanni, 8pm
“She’s a straight-up storyteller with a voice to blow all others clean out of the water…20-year-old Scottish singer-songwriter Rachel Sermanni packs an almighty punch with her earthy folk melodies and dextrous fingerpicking.
Her hometown of Carrbridge ­ with its rugged mountain backdrop in the heart of the Highland skiing fields ­ is rife with creative potential and Rachel’s traditional folk lineage continues to pervade her work. But since upping sticks to Glasgow, her songs have also been shaped by new beginnings. “Jazz, folk, indie - all the spheres seem to meld together and there are no boundaries, which creates an incredibly healthy scene,” she says.
After months of anticipation, Rachel self-released her debut ‘Black Currents’ EP this month to rave reviews; serving up four beautifully sculpted tracks of the most captivating folk-noir, all penned by herself and glossed over by producer Ian Grimble.
There’s ‘Breathe Easy’ – a song built on a brave, a cappella backbone and fleshed out with a forthright strings and keys section – the dynamic ‘Black Current’ which rises and falls with an intoxicating swoon – and ‘Song To A Fox’ - a wintry hymn sculpted from haunting, spacious cries. That’s not forgetting lead track ‘The Fog’, with its larger-than-life chorus.
Rachel’s razor-sharp wit and natural affinity with any audience somehow belie her young age and have led to support slots with the likes of Elvis Costello, Ron Sexsmith and Michael Kiwanuka. 
Saturday March 16th
Old Cinema Launderette, Durham: Bridie Jackson and the Arbour 
Go see! Here’s why!

Davy Lamp Folk Club, Washington Arts Centre, 730pm;Maggie Boyle and Paul Downes
“Maggie Boyle is a traditional singer who continues the tradition of music and storytelling passed on by her Irish family. She sang and played from an early age in the musically vibrant London-Irish community of the 60s and 70s, Maggie has an impressive pedigree and has worked with many of the greats on the folk scene.” 

Sage, Gateshead: Robb Johnson

Sage, Gateshead: Beth Nielsen Chapman

Arc, Stockton: St Patrick’s celebrations: The Wildcats of Kilkenny, Rob Heron and the Tea Pad Orchestra, 8pm
“A riotous knees-up with The Wildcats of Kilkenny has become as much a part of local St Paddy’s tradition as floppy green hats and pints of frothy black stuff, and this year they’re bringing their inimitable party anthems to back to ARC by popular demand.
In 2011, the Wildcats celebrated their twentieth anniversary – a staggering achievement for a band formed as a knee-jerk response to Shane MacGowan describing Teesside frontman Mike McGrother as a ‘Geordie’. The horror! After a debut sell-out gig at Egglescliffe Village Hall, they’ve never looked back – and their irreverent, manic and highly-charged performances have now been enjoyed by literally hundreds of thousands of fans. Yes, Mike and his merry gang have brought their foot-stomping, hands-in-the-air mayhem to packed-out crowds anywhere from Billingham to Beijing! It’s been two decades worth of gigging that have also incorporated – by Mike’s reckoning – 500 weddings, two funerals and (ahem) about eight practices.
So expect frenzied jigging, frantic fiddling, wild crowd participation and sentimental singalongs a-plenty! The Wildcats believe in spontaneous, spectacular shows that fulfil one burning ambition – to make people happy. And their St Paddy’s gigs are the very epitome of Teesside Irishness – like a parmo wrapped in a giant shamrock.
The proper St Patrick’s Day is on the Sunday – we’d advise you just to keep going all weekend!
Support comes from goodtime Americana obsessives Rob Heron and the Tea Pad Orchestra. Expect 1930s swing, gypsy jazz, wild-eyed Cajun and – in their own words – ‘tales of debauchery, dandyism, disaster and drink’!”
Sunday March 17th
Monday March 18th
Bridge Folk Club, Bridge Pub, Newcastle:Barrie and Ingrid Temple 
Tuesday March 19th
Wednesday March 20th
Whitley Bay Playhouse: The Pitmen Poets-Bob Fox,Billy Mitchell,Jez Lowe,Benny Graham (See Tues 12th March entry for more information).
Bishop Auckland Town Hall: St Patrick’s Celebrations with Steam Radio,
 8pm Info: A fantastic evening of fun and frolics to celebrate St Patrick’s night.Tickets: £10.00 / £8.00 concession.Ticket price includes a themed supper. See venue  link above for more info.
Thursday March 21st
Jumping and Hot Club @Cluny, Newcastle: Culture , + Support 
Culture are one of the first Jamaican roots reggae groups & one of the most authentic traditional reggae acts in the world. Their influential 1977 album “Two Sevens Clash” was one album John Peel never stopped playing & the band led by Joseph Hil (with cousin Albert "Ralph" Walker) were very popular with punks as well as Reggae fans. When Joseph Hill died in 2006 his son Kenyatta took over lead vocals & Walker and Telford Nelson continue to provide backing vocals to this day.”

Rothbury Roots, Queen’s Head, Rothbury: Brooks Williams + Kim Edgar, 8pm
Ranked one of the Top 100 Acoustic Guitarists, singer-songwriter Brooks Williams writes groove-laden songs and delivers them with an easy-going vocal style and silky smooth guitar. Walking the line between blues and Americana, Brooks is a favourite at Rothbury Roots; he has worked stages worldwide for over 25 years, amassing a staggering back-catalogue of songs, recordings and tales. With nearly 20 CDs to his name – and more on the way – this Statesboro Georgia native is, according to americanaUK, “impossible not to like."

"How soulful a solo guitarist can be when he has talent, taste and astonishing technique." (Blues Revue)

A slice of Americana at its finest!” (fRoots)

Go see him live!” (NetRhythms)

“…classy, tasteful, bright, and hugely enjoyable!" (Blues Matters)
Kim Edgar is an Edinburgh-based pianist and songwriter whose songs grow out of her love of stories and fairy tales. We're very lucky to have Kim supporting as she is headline act material.”

Brooks leads a guitar workshop from 10-4 pm the same day through Creative Northumberland Details:

Friday March 22nd
Saturday March 23rd
Jumping and Hot Club @  Live Theatre,Newcastle: Rebecca Pronsky ,and Bridie Jackson and the Arbour
Rebecca Pronsky is one of New York City's finest singers and songwriters playing a unique blend of twang & gothic dark Americana music. She supported Madison Violet in fine style on her first visit here. Rebecca tours with lead guitarist Rich Bennett ‘If they are anywhere near you don't miss them, a fabulous act who capture and charm an audience with the quality of both their songs and their chat.” Sounds in the Suburbs,
Bridie Jackson & The Arbour are a local based four-piece, who use sparse instrumentation and intriguing vocal harmonies to create music that is simultaneously beautiful, ethereal, and powerful.”

Davy Lamp Folk Club, Washington Arts Centre, 730pm: Flossie Malavialle: “Flossie is a talented French singer who's lived in England for quite some time now. She has a wide ranging, eclectic repertoire and an amazing voice, a great line in patter, and we're very pleased to see her again.”
Whitley Bay, Playhouse: Charlie Landsborough 7.30pm
Sunday March 24th
Sage, Gateshead: Amaan Ali Khan: 
“Amaan Ali Khan, son and disciple of legendary Sarod Maestro Amjad Ali Khan, is considered to be one of the finest sarod players of his generation and is known for the virtuosic precision and bold, resonant strokes that punctuate his performances. Amaan will be accompanied by one of the UKs leading tabla artists Raj Kumar Mishra.”

Monday March 25th
Tuesday March 26th
Wednesday March 27th
Alnwick Playhouse: The Hut People, 7.30pm
“The Hut People are one of the hottest & most entertaining world/folk acts touring today.
A genuinely engaging, entertaining and action packed show, taking the audience on a voyage across the globe with their varied material,they perform a high-octane unique blend of home-grown tunes mixed with British, Nordic and European folk music, perfectly formed & embellished with the driving accordion and a mind-boggling array of exotic percussion.
The HutPeople are a duo of accordionist Sam Pirt (well established within the folk circuit having performed alongside Kathryn Tickell, The Dubliners, Sharon Shannon, Jez Lowe, Brian Finnegan, Brian McNeill and many others) and percussionist Gary Hammond (who has worked with Nina Simone and has frequently been a part of many other groups and collaborations within the World, Jazz & Pop genres, and for the past 12 years recorded and toured withThe Beautiful South).
Great music & virtuosity aside, a show from The Hut People is overflowing with humour, spontaneity, often hilarious patter. “
Thursday March 28th

Queen’s Hall, Hexham: Alistair Anderson, Hexham Village Band, Jazz Jammers and more:
Core Music presents a new composition produced and performed with funding from the BBC Performing Arts Fund Community Music scheme. The composition, created and arranged by Northumbrian folk musician, Alistair Anderson, will be performed by Alistair Anderson, the Hexham Village Band, as well as other musicians from Core Music, including the Jazz Jammers.
There will also be performances from other musicians during the evening with the concert culminating in the premiere of the new composition.

Hoochie Coochie, Newcastle: Burundanga
Newcastle based Latin band live on stage from 8pm.

Sage, Gateshead: The Furnace: Morris Offspring and Faustus
“The fire of a generation devours the old to forge the new until all that is left is tradition itself.
Surging with hot, raw energy, the unstoppable machinery of Morris Offspring, driven by the mighty sound of folk powerhouse Faustus, creates a rare jewel.
The earthy sound of Benji Kirkpatrick and Paul Sartin (Bellowhead) and Saul Rose (WarHorse), captures the duel Morris traits of power and grace. The Furnace is all at once joyful, arty, ballsy, dark, and elegant.
Expect rich vocal harmony, cracking tunes, speed, sticks and bounce! This is an explosive mix – thoroughly captivating and downright celebratory!”

Friday March 29th
Saturday March 30th
Sunday March 31st
Early April…Jumping and Hot Club , Cluny, Newcastle 1st April, 8pm:
Austin Texas based Scott H. Biram  “isn't just a one-man band. He's the one-man band !! Mixing Voodoo boogie laced with smokestack R&B, he walks the green mile shoulder to shoulder between Lightnin' Hopkins and George Jones. From Depression-era folk of Woody Guthrie, cow-punk & DIY metal to gritty classic rock, Scott H Biram proves to be the ultimate outlaw”.
Thursday 4thApril
Gala, Durham:Fran Smith North Yorkshire songstress with excellent EP recently released. Fran's heartfelt vocals are utterly moving and she is an exciting emerging young talent.
Friday 5th April
Alnwick Playhouse: The Pitmen Poets-See earlier in gig guide for info.
The Maltings, Berwick: The Outside Track: Top young Scottish folk act Why-watch this!

5 Gigs to Go To….amongst many!!!

This month’s picks for me include:
Landermason-Queen’s Hall, Hexham, March 2nd
Anais Mitchell and Jefferson Hamer-Jumping and Hot Club, Caedmon Hall, Gateshead, March 7th
Trio Gitan, Cumberland Arms, Byker, Newcastle March 14th
“Pitmen Poets”-At various venues in March and early April
Amaan Ali Khan at Sage,Gateshead, 24th March

NE1 Fm-Community radio for Newcastle and Gateshead

This is a community based radio station broadcasting on 102.5fm in Newcastle/Gateshead and to the world on the internet at:
Roots Music features on NE1 Fm!
Occasional “RootsoftheWorld” show from me. It tends to be on Monday am (GMT) between 10am and 12. Look out on Twitter for alerts.
Current programming (accurate as of November 23rd 2012) includes (based on NE1 Fm’s descriptions):
Mondays 11PM-1AM– Vintage Swing Show
“Two hours of swing, blues and jazz from the 1920s, 1930s and 1940s with Richard Owen.”
Sunday 11PM-1AM– Jumping Hot Club

Alan Harrison presents an eclectic mix of ‘rootsy’ music, with both local and international acts, interviews and more.
5-7PM – NE1 Irish
Jim Bennett, Fiona Clelland and Tommy McClements host a weekly magazine featuring chat, interviews and live music for the Irish community of Newcastle and Gateshead.NE1 Irish is a magazine-style programme catering for the Irish community of Newcastle upon Tyne and Gateshead, and is live every Wednesday from 5 til 7PM.
RootsoftheWorld/Newcastle Roots Music Radio weblinks and contacts
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E mail:
How you can help Newcastle Roots Music Radio/RootsoftheWorld-
Usual stuff: listen to podcast and recommend to others by e mail /Twitter etc., follow me on Twitter and retweet my tweets particularly the podcast/blog links, “like” on my Facebook page , recommend me to others, put a poster up.
Local Artists: If you feel you fit the brief of this blog and associated podcast please get in touch. It would help if you could send some of your music for me to have a listen to, ideally on CD, and dates of any upcoming gigs in the region, weblinks etc. Use the contact details above. I look forward to hearing from you.
And finally: RootsoftheWorld wishes you a happy month musically and otherwise! Be careful. And be nice. Bye for now!
Next edition of Newcastle Roots Music Radio and this blog out April 2nd featuring from the Northeast Holy Moly and the Crackers!
I would prefer to get podcasts out on the 1st of the month, except when real life barges it into being a bit later as this is a one human operation, not a multinational behemoth and I have a non-musical day job…so bear with me!

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