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Roots of the World Blog and N.E.Gig Guide June 2013

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Welcome again to my “blog” which aims to be a one stop shop for N.E. gigs including folk and roots gigs through my podcast and blog/gig guide as well as through regular tweets and postings on Facebook.

Thank you to all those artists and venues over the last month who have responded so enthusiastically to this venture as well as providing useful feedback. As from this month as promised the gig guide will still have a listings element to it, but the descriptions will be briefer and there will be more audio/video content. Please click on the blue hyper texts links for more content/info/soundclips.

May I apologise for the formatting of this blog, corrections have been made, but this blog's format currently seems to have a mind of its own. Format changes being saved...then not retained..aargh..anyway don't let that put you off THE CONTENT!

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Newcastle Roots Music Radio Podcast:

The podcast is licensed through the PRS, licence no. LE-0006074. It can be downloaded and burnt to CD so you can listen in the car or on your phone!

Northeast artist of the Month:

Hannabiell is a bass trombonist, hand percussionist and composer. Her performers are memorable and she is making a massive contribution in enriching the North East music scene, world music scene, call it what you will. As well as a soloist, Hannabiell is also part of the ensemble Hannabiell and Midnight Blue, a 7 piece band, committed to using music to breaking down cultural barriers. Hannabiell describes their sound: "Hannabiell & Midnight Blue is a high energy ensemble that fuses Jazz, Afro-Caribbean & Latin drumming, Afro-beat, Funk, and Reggae to create their unique sound. This fusion of powerful and upbeat drums, brass, vocal chants, and mbira compositions produces an invigorating party atmosphere that will have you dancing all night."  I can't disagree with that as when I saw Hannabiell I was blowing the whistle she had lent me with huge enthusiasm the music is so energised. There are two tracks featured from their debut album, "With Us" on this month's podcast, and a second is on the way "Protest Culture". It doesn't end there! She also duets with a fellow Midnight Blue member Yilis del Carmen Suriel  (Percussion and Mbira) in their duo "Ladies of Midnight Blue", which has a big commitment to community activism, and at times becomes a trio with DJ Etch-a-Sqratch. A  whirl of cross cultural musical activity in the north east, with lots of appearances during Newcastle/Gateshead's Latin festival Vamos!  detailed below. For more about Hannabiell/Midnight Blue/Ladies of Midnight Blue Click here!


Newcastle Roots Music Radio June 2013


Artist/Track/Album/Weblink/Start time on podcast

Hannabiell/Ndlovukazi/With Us/
Los Chinches/Ceviche (Con Choclo)/
Unthanks/Taking on Men/Diversions Vol.3/ 7.19
Lazibyrd/I'm Alright Jack/Under the Sky/ 8.38
Dana and Susan Robinson/Lost Girl/ Native Soil/
John Lee Hooker Junior/Tears in My Eyes/All Hooked Up/
Tony Bengtsson/Rebecca/Snake in the Wood/
Heidi Emma Peach Browne/Paris/Paris/
Kobo Town/ Half of the Houses/Jumbie in the Jukebox/ 30.01
Orchestre Poly-Rythmo De Cotonou/ VI E LO/Skeletal Essences of Afro-Funk 1969-1980/
Diamond Bass:Lwanda/
Ana Moura/E Tu Gostavas De Mim/Desfado/
Crossings Band/Meeting Interesting People/The Crossings Band/
Azymuth/Te Querendo/Brazilian Love Affair 5/ 48.38
Alistair Anderson/Green Ginger/Steel Skies/
Hannabiell/Triple It/With Us/

NE Gig Guide Folk World and Roots June 2013

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Trad Northumbrian group reunite for this special gig.

A fine female folk duo.

Stooshie: Cumberland Arms, Byker, Newcastle

Funked up folk for today!Click here for a bit of Stooshie!

English Americana from Jason, Yorkshire born based in that London.

Manchester born Nashville based time served singer-songwriter.
Second great traditional Scottish folk band in 2 weeks comes to Berwick!


Sunday 2nd
Monday 3rd 

Geoffrey Lewis and Peter Stampfel Band:Cluny, Byker, Newcastle

A folk performance unlike any other.

Wednesday 5th
Thursday 6th
Acoustic 3-piece soulful piano led jazz, pop and blues.

Cumberland Arms, Byker, Newcastle: Tony Bengtsson Band Launch

American/Folk from Tynesider Tony Bengtsson with the launch gig of  his band.

The Polite Room: Tyneside Cinema, Newcastle: The Lake Poets, plus Craig Clarke & Morris Ford

The talented acoustician Martin Longstaff (Lake Poets) and more in this intimate gig!

Saturday 8th

Festival of the North East: Music in Museums: Woodhorn Colliery Museum, Ashington: Bridie Jackson & the Arbour, Ditte Elly, Emily Portman.

New works by the above NE folk artists in the surroundings of Woodhorn.

Festival of the North East: The Lindsfarne Story at Newcastle City Hall

The remaining band members Ray Laidlaw, Billy Mitchell with band sing Lindisfarne.
Old time roots music from Prince Edward Island.

British-American folk and roots duo.

High energy reggae and ska!

Hard hitting blues and folk.
Sunday 9th
Click above for info about listening and joining in to folk between Newcastle and Carlilse and back all for the price of your ticket! And if you click below you can see some pics of the nice folk running this creative folkie fun! Click here for friendly folkie train travelling musos!
Monday 10th
Fiery salsa, jazz and folk delivered by this exciting Danish band.

Tuesday 11th
Wednesday 12th
Song cycle drawing from the language of the sea. Developed during a residency at Snape Maltings in Suffolk.

Friday 14th

Fantastic Chicha band from London/Peru...recommended!

Kathryn's very own musical journey through northeast music and culture, multi-media in nature and including her own band , the Northern Sinfonia and more! Includes the dynamic and exciting sound of Hanabiell!

The Unthanks: Songs from the Shipyards: Preston Park Museum, Stockton

The history of the NE shipyards brought to life by the Unthanks and cinematography.
Saturday 15th

Vamos! Festival Afro-Carnival Masquerade: Northumbria Uni

Afro-Latin selection box! Features Hanabiell and Midnight Blue, Afrodisiac, Djs Nik Barrera  and Dj Volta 45.

Festival of the North East: Washington "F" Pit: Keith Gregson, an afternoon of mining songs and poetry

Three of Adelaide's finest musicians and singers.
Sunday 16th

Hoochie Coochie, Newcastle: Azymuth

One of the great names in jazz with some funk and Latin thrown in.

Misty In Roots:The Cluny, Byker in conjunction with Boss Sounds

John Peel's favourite reggae band!

Vamos! Gran Canaria special at Bar Loco

The people, food and music of the canaries click above to get more info.

Di Henderson: South Shields Folk Club, Customs House, South Shields
Wednesday 19th
Acclaimed American singer-songwriter

Country roots rock and Americana star makes a welcome Sage return.

Pop folk , like you were back in the 60s and 70s.

Thursday 20th

Friday 21st

The Ranters drawn from schools across the N.E. are age from 10-18 in this concert of Northumbrian music.

A celebration of women through Carnatic music.

Jazz, gypsy, swing and more guitar-style! Nice food too!

Saturday 22nd
County Durham's folk  troubadour.

Latin DJs and more!

A free party with Global Bass, the very excellent DJ Cal Jader and local Latin acts Hannabiell and Yilis. Listen to some Diamond Bass by clicking here!

'Nuff said click above for more!
John Lee Hooker ,Jr, Dr Feelgood, Chantel McGregor & more.

Sold out at the time of writing, returns available only for Hugh Laurie's blues band and adventures into the land of Americana.

A feast of local traditional ballads, songs and smallpipe tunes celebrating 200 years of the Society of Antiquaries of Newcastle.

Dearman, Gammon and Harrison: South Shields Folk Club, Customs House, South Shields

Monday 24th

Hicks and Goulbourn: Bridge Folk Club, Newcastle

Bonnie Raitt: Newcastle City Hall

Blues and slide guitar from a major figure from the U.S.

Tuesday 25th
Folk, country and rock from this Louisianian singer-songwriter of 30 years on the road and counting!
Wednesday 26th

Thursday 27th

Old time fiddle , guitar, banjo and them some hollerin' boy!

Exciting fusion of Latin meets Lithuanian music + beats from Dj Fantasma and Guava Beats!

The Monkey Junk Blues Club Presents Paul Judge and Michael Littlefield at the Butterfly Cabinet, Heaton

Friday 28th

Vamos! Festival: Hannabiell and Yilis's White Party: Oak, Newcastle

Classy all white party with powerful drumming from Afrodisiac, and lots of world beats from Dj Vers!
Saturday 29th

Vamos! Festival: Tyne Carnival, Northumberland St, Newcastle

Burundanga (listen here and in video below) , Drumdin and so much more. Check out your chance to join in-click above!

Festival of the North East: Windy Gyle Folk Band at St Gabriel's Church, Heaton, Newcastle

Folk tunes old and new from this multi-decade born band!

Singer-songwriter with a critically acclaimed collaboration with Pete Riley.

Dana and Susan Robinson: Davy Lamp Folk Club, Arts Centre Washington

Traditional American music on guitar, fiddle and banjo.

Woodpecker Wooliams: Old Cinema Launderette, Durham
is cancelled due to Woodpecker needing to rest her voice. Get well soon!

Click here to check out Woodpecker Wooliams on Soundcloud!

Alister Anderson Band: St. Mary's Church, Holy Island (at 2pm & 4pm)

Concert to celebrate the Lindisfarne Gospels being exhibited in Durham in 2013.

Wor Poets: Morden Tower, Newcastle

I know this is a music guide but couldn't resist putting this poetry gig in from Wor Poets-poets from a variety of cultures, N.E. resident in the intimate setting of Morden Tower.

Sunday 30th
Folk across the Holy Island throughout the day.


Review: Lazibyrd: CD: Under the Sky
Lazibyrd: Under the Sky:Meaningful, deeply considered, enjoyable songs delivered with determination and a joyfulness of touch
The cover of the CD has the duo that comprise “Lazibyrd” in a field, with instruments, in winter togs under a cloudy sky “a la” the album title. The feeling I have after having enjoyed  “Under the Sky” several times over is one of musical sunshine, not cloudy skies. Read on please…
Lazibyrd are Sharon Martin: vocals, violins, viola, and tenor ukulele; Tom Chapman: Guitars, backing vocals and (most importantly!!) shaky egg. Matt Benjamin guests-gorgeously I may add- on double bass on track 1 and cello on track 2. They come from the south west of England and disappointingly I don’t see any gigs north of anywhere vaguely north or even in the Midlands! Hopefully this will be rectified for the good of the nation. Anyway I digress…
The excellent singer-songwriter/folk/acoustic website “FATEA” described the first track “I’m Alright Jack” as “a sarcasm dripping peon to Thatcher's legacy”. Can’t disagree with that given its commentary on the erosion of a collective sense of responsibility for each other’s welfare that the now deceased “Iron Lady” created. I felt in tune with spirit of this album and this song in particular from the off; its lyrics making me say: “Yeah..someone has put into words what I think” but much more lyrically! The snappily written catchy refrain “I’m alright Jack don’t you know, my only interest is me you silly so and so” not only had me singing along but also posed a challenge to me. Yes, I nodded and agreed with sentiments that we can get self-absorbed and our world view boiled down to “me”, and that isn’t right, but heh! :that also applies to me, it’s not just a song about others!  Having said all that, this powerful message is delivered in an uptempo summary breezy way that never feels self-righteous.
The album as a whole is immaculate in its delivery. Sprightly snappy driving guitar from Tom Chapman, the sweet breezy dancing tone of Sharon Martin’s voice with other stringed instruments adding thoughtfulness and wondering to the overall narrative of the album. There is an overall air of simplicity to this album particularly given the qualities in Sharon’s voice which really means the lyrics get to deliver their message.
Amongst memorable tracks include “Half of One Whole” which sways and swoops as it carves its catchy grooves into my musical memory bank. The questioning “There She Goes” grinds its way with an appealing discordancy, and bursts of gypsy rhythms, asking about whether people’s appearance disguises the possibility that underneath are they really so different?.Finally, the very touching “The Little Things” has a beautiful melody and simplicity of tone that eloquently portrays the importance of seemingly modest everyday shared experience.
All in all an utterly delightful listen but when will Lazibyrd come and entertain those of us who live north of Somerset Brie, Cider and Butcombe Bitter country?
More information about Lazibyrd including how to buy “Under the Sky” can be found below:
Buy “Under the Sky”:
Listen on Soundcloud:
Listen on Lazibyrd website :

Music Tuition 

If you want to play rather than just listen….Tuition at varying levels is available:

Newcastle/Gateshead and about:

Phoenix Folk:

The Sage Gateshead:

Gem Arts UK, Gateshead:

Hexham and about:

Core Music, Hexham:

If you’d like to suggest further entries to this directory please get in touch.

Coda Music: Folk and World Retail Specialists 
Based in Edinburgh, Coda provide a friendly and well informed service to provide you with the very best in folk, roots and world music! Click here for Coda website!
Community Radio and Roots Music
NE1FM serving Newcastle/Gateshead has the Vintage Swing Show on Monday evenings between 11 and 1am from Richard Owen. On Tuesdays from 8 to 10pm Jim. Bennett presents NE1 Irish with folk. More details here! 
Spice FM  is a local station serving Tyneside with content of interest to all interested in Asian culture, world music and entertainment. More details click here! 

Community Cultural Organisations/ Regular Events

Waka Waka Africa North East For  information click here!

Latino Events North East include music and more at  Café Ernest in the Ouseburn Valley, Newcastle every Sunday. More info click here!

GemArtsUK: Culturally diverse dynamic arts organisation. More info click here!

Crossings: Community Music Group based  in Newcastle, committed to using music to bridge barriers. Interested in getting involved: Click here!
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July Newcastle Roots Music Radio out July 1! Featured N.E. artist Gem Andrews, with a focus on "Summertyne" as well as VAMOS! 

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