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RootsoftheWorld blog September/October 2012
Welcome once again to my blog which is about the very best in World, Roots and Folk Music! Thanks to all of you for supporting this venture, and for spreading the word supporting world/roots/folk music and especially North-east England acts, venues and promoters…these are lean times as we all know.
Newcastle Roots Music Radio from RootsoftheWorld
Sponsored by the Brandling Villa Pub, South Gosforth, Newcastle upon Tyne and licensed by the PRS. Find it at:
2nd edition now out on Soundcloud! I am hoping to get it onto I Tunes but this is a hobby, albeit a passionate one and so has to be fitted around the day job, so that development may take a wee while! Some of my self-confessed non tech savvy friends have expressed some anxiety about accessing this podcast. Just follow the link and click play. If you don’t like something then drag the cursor on the programme to where you do (hopefully!). If you can’t listen to it on the computer, or haven’t got the time to, download and burn to CD and play it in the car (needs to have an “MP3” CD player currently)or other MP3 player…you might be surprised at what you have in the house that will play MP3 format CDs (I realise some of you will be saying “What’s the difficulty with accessing it on the PC…but we are at different points on our tech journey!).
The playlist for Newcastle Roots Music Radio September/October 2012
Nancy Kerr and James Fagan/Queen of Waters/Twice Reflected Sun
Megson/Working Town/The Longshot
Krar Collective/Guragigna/The Rough Guide to Undiscovered World
Nation Beat/Sumico Do Urucu/Growing Stone
Emily Portman/Hatchlings/Hatchling
Walsh and Pound/ CCC/Walsh and Pound
Kottarashky and the Rain Dogs/Pancho Says/Demoni
Lincoln Durham/Love Letters/the shovel (vs)the howling bones
Celestine Ukwu/Igede The Rough Guide to Highlife
Zani Diabate/Bogotigui Kanou/Tientalaw
Malcolm Holcombe/A Mighty City/To Drink the Rain
Morgan O’Kane/Remember Me/Pendulum
Faye Hield and the Hurricane Party/Tarry Trousers/Orfeo
Emily Portman/Silver Swan/Hatchling
Meg Baird/Do What You Gotta Do/Dear Companion
Spiro/Rose Engine/Kaleidophonica 
Recommended purveyor of CDs :Coda Music, Edinburgh
Most of the above music can be purchased from and listened to first, at specialist Roots music retailer Coda Music. They have helpful , knowledgeable and friendly staff!
Walk in, browse, smell, see, hear, talk, touch, buy, take away in your hands!:
12, Bank Street,
On The Mound,
Scotland, U.K.
Northeast England September/early October Gig Guide
This is a selection of what has caught the “RootsoftheWorld”eyes/ears. Other gigs exist as well as other excellent venues…please refer to individual websites and if I left you out, e mail/tweet/facebook me and I will aim to give you a mention! This list will grow as “RootsoftheWorld” grows……I won’t necessarily be able to get all the music on in an hour show, but I will aim to at least mention you and put a link on my blog. Preference will be given to NE acts or acts that are visiting the NE of England.
The Brandling Villa Pub, South Gosforth, Newcastle
Maggie Ross Band and more!:
Davy Lamp Folk Club,  Washington Arts Centre,Tyne and Wear:
Nancy Kerr and James Fagan/Dana and Susan Robertson and more!:
JumpinandHot Club, venues around Newcastle/Gateshead:
Malcolm Holcombe, Lincoln Durham and more!
Sage, Gateshead:
Faye Hield and the Hurricane Party; Krar Collective and more!:
The Cumberland Arms, Byker, Newcastle:
Meg Baird and more!:
The Baa Club, Bellingham:
The Old Dance School, Lucy Ward and more!:
Hexham Abbey Festival, Hexham:
Megson: Live at Brancepeth Church near Durham: 15th September 2012
Jez Lowe and the Bad Pennies: Hind, Cramlington, Northumberland: 8th September 2012:
Emily Portman: Etal Village Hall, Etal, Northumberland: 22nd September 2012:
Gala Theatre, Durham:
 Session A9 and more!:
If you would like your gig mentioned please contact me, if possible also send an MP3 so that I may be able to put it into a Newcastle Roots Music Radio podcast. Thank you.
What is in the RootsoftheWorld shopping basket this month?
These lovelies are:
Morgan O’Kane: “Pendulum”: Steamrollering hollerin’  Bluegrass excursion.
Sam Lee: “Ground of it’s Own”: Lovely debut by this highly innovative dedicatee of the oral tradition.
Emily Portman: “Hatchling”: More mysterious and ethereal folkloric goings on from the squeeze box graduate of the Newcastle Folk Degree:
Zani Diabate:”Tientalaw”  Last recordings/posthumously released material by this Malian guitarist with his Super Djata Band. Highly infectious-may make you dance continuously!
Kottarashky and the Rain Dogs: “Demoni”  Digital samples meet Balkan beats in a dancefloor melee! Go for it. 
NE1 Fm
This is a community based radio station broadcasting on 102.5fm in Newcastle/Gateshead and to the world on the internet at:
Roots Music features on NE! Fm!
Occasional “RootsoftheWorld” show from me. It tends to be on a Monday am  (GMT) between 10am and 12. Look out on Twitter for alerts.
Current programming (accurate as of September 2nd 2012) includes:
Mondays 11PM-1AM – Vintage Swing Show
“Two hours of swing, blues and jazz from the 1920s, 1930s and 1940s with Richard Owen.”
Sunday 11PM-1AM – Jumping Hot Club
Alan Harrison presents an eclectic mix of ‘rootsy’ music, with both local and international acts, interviews and more.
RootsoftheWorld/Newcastle Roots Music Radio contacts
Next blog and podcast out: beginning October and includes music by Makoomba, Sam Lee and a focus on north-east artists Jez Lowe and the Bad Pennies!
How you can help Newcastle Roots Music Radio/RootsoftheWorld:
Usual stuff: listen to podcast and recommend to others by e mail /Twitter etc., follow me on Twitter and retweet my tweets particularly the podcast/blog links, like on my Facebook page and be my friend, recommend me to others, put a poster up as I have some which would beautify any NE shop/music venue etc. Available from me.
And finally: RootsoftheWorld wishes you a happy month musically and otherwise! Be careful. And be nice. Bye for now! J

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